Having a Roku device in your home means you like to experience watching TV in a grand way and interruption in your streaming annoys you big time. But from time to time you experience that your Roku remote is not working and starts blinking and you are unable to watch the channels you need because you are unable to access them.

Now if you will look closely you will find that the Roku remote is blinking which is a sign that your Roku remote has some issues that’s why you are unable to access the Roku device. 

What Type of Roku remote Do I Have?

First of all, you have to check which type of Roku remote we are dealing with.  There are two types of Roku remote controls:

  • Enhanced point anywhere (EPA)
  • Standard infrared controller (IR)

EPA Roku remote control has advanced functions and features that it can access the Roku device from anywhere in the house. If the quality of the Roku remote is good you will be able to control and watch anything on your television sitting anywhere in the house. You will be able to change the channel from the kitchen when you are busy making a delicious meal.

Or you are in the bedroom and want to watch your favorite Netflix show. You just have to click on the Roku remote control and you can switch it on. This is an advanced feature of the Roku remote and it’s more convenient. You don’t have to change your position or into the room where the Roku device is placed.

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IR is the older version of the Roku remote control. It works when the Roku remote is in direct sight of the Roku device.  It will only react to the command when IR Roku remote is in the range given for the Roku device.  When the IR Roku remote is out of range it will not work on the device and no commands will be accepted.

Roku Remote troubleshooting

What is the best-case scenario?

The Roku remote is not like our usual IR remote. You can only access the device with an IR remote when they are in plain sight. They will only work when they are facing the device directly. That’s not the case with the Roku remote. 

With the Roku remote, you can actually your Roku device from anywhere in the house.  You don’t need to be in direct sight. You can be facing the opposite direction but the Roku device will catch the signals any way and obey the command you have made.

When the Roku remote is working properly every command will be processed and a green light will show up every time you press a button. That will be the best-case scenario.

What if your Roku remote starts blinking?

But if your Roku remote starts blinking the green light then it indicates that your Roku remote is in process of connecting with the device but staying unsuccessful that’s why your desired command is not being fulfilled. 

Rroku Remote Troubleshooting Guide

In such a case, you need to start with the basic resolution step.

  • You have to remove the batteries while the TV is switched on.
  • Then switch off the television and you have to wait for 30 sec to a minute so that it can refresh itself.
  • Switch on the television and as the home screen loading process is happening reinsert the remote batteries and press the hold/pair button. And it will connect soon.

Sometimes it happens that you have to repeat this process 2 to 3 times in order for it to work. All you have to do is to stay patient. 

Green light still blinking

If you have reinserted the batteries and restarted the device and still your Roku remote is not working and blinking with green light then most probably your batteries are dead or weakened by the continuous use. In that case, the Roku remote will not accept the commands you press and your Roku device will not work accordingly.

You must change the batteries otherwise your Roku remote will keep on blinking with green light. You have to use good quality batteries in order to keep the Roku remote working without any interruptions. You must keep the alignment of the batteries right. The positive side goes with the positive and negative charges attached with the negative.

A lot of issues relating to the Roku remote is not working properly blinking and the low-quality batteries and wrong alignment of it. Be careful with it and you will have your Roku remote working with your commands. You will be able to enjoy a flawless streaming experience.

Roku Remote troubleshooting

Check for Yellow light on your Roku remote

The power supply is the essential part for the Roku device to work. You must check if your Roku remote has a Yellow light blinking on it. This yellow light blinking is essential as it will indicate that the Roku device is working properly and there are no issues with it. But in the absence of this blinking Yellow light, you can rest assured that there is some issue with the device.

The main issue in the absence of a blinking Yellow light on the Roku remote is that no power is being supplied to the Roku device.

Another reason the Yellow light is not blinking is that the Roku remote and Roku device aren’t paired together and issues in pairing mean there is no connection between both Roku remote and Roku device.  So no commands will be activated and your television will not respond to the buttons you are pressing.

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What To Do When your Roku Remote Is Not Working? Possible Solutions:

In case you are experiencing these problems that include the absence of the Yellow light blinking then you have to check for some problem-solving steps that will help to solve the issues and as a result, your Roku remote and Roku device will start working properly and you will be able to enjoy unlimited channels and entertainment according to your liking.

Ways to solve the Blinking issue in Roku remote:

There are a lot of ways in which you can resolve the issues of blinking the Roku remote. Some are very simple and some need troubleshooting according to the features of your Roku remote and Roku device.

Mostly you have to understand the issue first. If the issue is not critical resolve it with simple measures. If not then you can check the advanced features.

Simply clear the path

Sometimes it’s just simple solutions that help in making things start working again. If your Roku remote is blinking then it’s most probably the IR Roku remote signals are unable to reach the Roku device because something is blocking the way. Sometimes a cloth or glasses on the table obstruct the way of direct sight and signals don’t reach directly to the Roku device.

Once you remove that thing and clearly point the IR Roku remote toward the Roku device, it will receive a strong signal and start working again. This will stop the blinking immediately and your Roku remote will be able to reach the device and finally start working and completing the commands. You will be able to watch the shows flawlessly.  The only thing I should mention here is that this way of clearing the path will only help with IR Roku remote blinking. If the blinking continues then you have to look into other troubleshooting options to stop your Roku device from blinking.

Is Roku still blinking? Need new batteries I guess

If Roku remote is not working and you remember that since you bought it you haven’t changed or upgraded the batteries then without wasting any time you must open the back compartment of your Roku remote and first align the batteries. The positive and negative sides should be attached to positive and negative ends. Try to use Roku remote if it works on the Roku device. 

Let’s hope Roku remote works when aligned

If not then you have to buy the new batteries for your Roku remote.  You should keep in mind that if you buy low-quality batteries they will definitely worn out quickly and there is also a chance that batteries get leaked inside the back compartment ruining the Roku remote and you have to buy the new one.

Buy good quality long-lasting batteries and align them positively and negatively according to the sign and try using your Roku remote.  Hopefully, it will pair up with the Roku device and the blinking of the Roku remote will stop.

Roku Remote troubleshooting

Make sure your Roku remote is set up right

Every Roku remote and Roku device comes with a particular set of settings that you have to follow in order to make it work with the Roku device.  In case those settings are not done or done wrong, your Roku remote starts blinking because it will not be able to convey the commands you press.

Here you have to follow these settings exactly the same in order to work your Roku remote and stop it from blinking.

  • You need to have a good speed Internet connection and you have to create a connection between Internet and the Roku device.
  • After you successfully connect the Roku device with Internet you have to access the Roku remote settings by configuring the display type that’s shown on the screen.
  • Now it’s time to enter the manufacturer details for your television. If they come up automatically in the list select them and press on their name. Otherwise you have to enter the name manually.
  • You have to give the whole settings another YES.
  • After selecting all the right options we completely hope that your Roku remote stops blinking and starts working and you get to enjoy all the shows in the comfort of your TV lounge

Have you checked your ports and HDMI configuration?

If your Roku remote is blinking and not working then you need to check the ports. Sometimes when you move your Roku device it loosens the grip of the port and the connection between Roku remote is lost with the Roku device that’s why it keeps on blinking.. HDMI configuration needs to be checked if it’s not inserted into the television ports the Roku device still be blinking. 

You can use another jack that will help connect both the television with the device. If your HDMI is not working still then you can buy an extension wire or get it for free from the manufacturer by sharing your serial number of the Roku device.  Once you have configured and checked the HDMI configuration you can start using the Roku remote.  Hopefully, it stopped blinking and started working.

Have you tried the complete reset?

When your batteries are alright and there is no issue with ports and the plugs Inns are perfect you have to take the hard road in order to stop the Roku remote from blinking. You have to completely reset the Roku device. 

In order to go through with this process, you have to take some important steps in the right order and you will get your desired result. Following are the steps you need to follow.

  • Before doing anything to built up the connection between the Roku device, Roku remote and the television you have to start by cutting the power from everything. Remove the batteries from the back part of the Roku remote. Unplug the Roku device and switch off the electricity supply to the television. All of this will insure that all your devices are save from any electrical mishaps that can cause the devices to burn up and become useless.
  • Then plug Inn the power cable back and switch on the television. Soon the Roku home screen will appear.
  • Put in the batteries inside the Roku remote and wait for it to pair with the Roku device.
  • Then you gave to choose setting menu from home menu. Where you will select system and then advanced system settings.
  • When you reach there you will find the factory reset, when you will click it the device will be automatically reset to the original settings and all you have todois follow the instructions.
  • In no time you will be able to restart the device again and your Roku device would be good as new and hopefully it has stopped blinking and connected completely to the Roku remote.

Have you tried changing your network settings?

If you have done all of the above and still your Roku remote is still blinking then one last action that you can take is to change your network settings. A lot of times changing your network settings helps with the connection establishment of the Roku device with the Roku remote and television. 

You need to experience flawless streaming when you install the Roku device in your home with your television.  If you are having trouble connecting your Roku device, Roku remote, and television and your Roku remote light is blinking you might need to upgrade or change your network settings. 

Following is the way to upgrade or change your network settings in order to establish connections between your Roku remote, Roku device, and television.  We hope this will stop the Roku remote from blinking.

First Step:

You need to log into the Roku device first. You must be given a unique ID and password for this and it will be pasted on your Roku device.  If you have never changed these settings your ID and password must be the same and if you have changed them while using un the past you have to enter the new one you have particularly given to yourself.

Second Step:

Once you logged into the device, you have given a lot of options in the menu for the wireless channels. You need to find a connection that’s stable enough to give you flawless streaming and you can watch all your favorite shows and sports. Mostly this frequency is between 2.4GHz to 5GHz. This will help you connect the devices together and stop your Roku from blinking.

If one channel setting doesn’t work try other frequency that’s in between that main frequency cap. Hope that will work and you will be able to connect and watch your favorite shows.

Roku Remote troubleshooting


In the above article we have given you the complete information that why your Roku remote is blinking. What the blinking of lights means and how you can restore the factory settings and adjust the frequency in order to attempt restoration of connection between Roku remote and Roku device.

Hope above given information is of help to you in resolving the issues you are facing.