In today’s time, we not only look for quality as a consumer but also for the cost-effectiveness of a product. In this article, we will give a detailed review on how you should prefer a modem with a phone jack and how it will not only deliver the quality but also keep the expenses within the limit of your pocket.

A simple cable modem has been a part of our household for quite some time now. But as the technology is moving forward, more Affordable and better service-providing alternatives are being introduced in the market. We are used to renting the modem from our Internet service provider that used to cause you a lot of expense. Plus, you do not get the speed you need for flawless streaming. 


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Selecting the right modem with a phone jack is crucial.  You have to know a lot of aspects that help you find the right ones. This investment is going to change the way of accessing the Web. Following are our top 5 picks that will help you choose one for you. 


Best Overall

Buyer Remarks:

This Netgear modem with phone jack is highly popular with buyers because of its high Affordability and auto-activation feature.


When it comes to performing, this Netgear modem with phone jack CM500V works at the best of its abilities. It might not be as effective as the rest of the modem in the business but ut certainly gets the work done.

You get 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels, which says a lot about efficiency and reliability regarding Internet access.

You can connect this modem Ethernet port with any WiFi router, giving you Internet for every computer in that place. You get 1 gigabit Ethernet support that includes everyone and lets them browse unlimited as needed.

If you want an internal router, you have to buy it separately. It doesn’t have one in it.

The best thing about this modem is that it sets itself up. You don’t have to contact the supplier and get it set up. That takes a lot of time. Its self-activation in 5 min allows you to use it immediately.

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It’s Fast!!

If you talk about speed, it’s very fast, upto300 Mbps. You will not have any problem streaming your favorite channels and working on your work projects as this modem supports both well.


When you ask about making calls, this modem with phone jack has 2 phone line support with many other attractive features like callers identity, call forwarding, and 3-way conference calling. You will save a lot of money here as such foreign calls are extremely expensive.  You can use this modem and make calls for your business promotions or family.

On the other side, it’s a one-time investment that saves you $168 on a yearly basis. You don’t have to worry about paying money every month at a low speed that is not satisfactory at all for buyers.


The design for this modem with phone jack CM500V is very sleek and vertical.  It’s not going to take a lot of space. It’s very concise and adjusts with all the outlooks due to its amazing-looking black outlook.  It is completely filled with ventilation-supported holes that help keep it cool even after 24-hour use. No chance of overheating at all.

It’s highly recommended for people who are on a budget and want to get rid of slow Internet and monthly payments.

Netgear CM500V Modem with Phone Jack Review

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What Do We Like

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to set up
  • High speed of 300 Mbps
  • 2 phone lined
  • 1 GB Ethernet support
  • Sleek design

Why You Should Avoid

  • Its Base is weak


Best Modem For Media Streaming

Buyer Remarks:

Netgear C7100 V nighthawk modem with phone jack completely fulfilled Buyers’ expectations of speed and Versatility.  It’s a high-class cost-effective option as given by the review of people who used this modem.


Regarding high-speed performance, Netgear C7100 V nighthawk is the one to look for. It gives him a high speed of 800 Mbps.  No matter how huge the system you are working on, this speed will make your work as fast as possible. 

It’s great for a wide area up to 1800 Square feet.  Its WiFi speed will be as strong for close devices as it is for far ones. You can connect up to 30 devices that will receive the same high-speed Internet to do their jobs right and as quickly as possible.  This modem works in AC1900 WIFI and a 1.6 GHz powerful combined processor that allows everyone to share the same high level of speed and accuracy.

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You get a versatile range of connections. 4 gigabit Ethernet and 2 USB ports can be used for multiple uses like printers, game boxes, storage devices, and much more. To get the Internet calls through, you get 2 telephone lines with caller identity options, 3 ways of call conferencing, call forwarding, and much more.

You get complete security with parental control and support of WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols. You don’t have to worry about hacking or misusing your Internet portals.

You get 24×8 channels bonding and DOCSIS 3.0. You will get seem less gaming and streaming with reduced lag and buffer. This modem with phone jack is only compatible with XFINITY Internet and voice support.

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This one-time investment in the Netgear night hawk modem with a phone jack will free you from the extra expense of monthly rental payments and save up to 168 dollars every year. This modem works its magic for a very long time and saves you landline call costs as it supports Internet calls.


All black standing design makes it likable for everyone. It stays ventilated due to its design. You don’t have to concern yourself about this device heating up.


You get the speed up to 800 Mbps which is ideal for fast streamers and heavy system operators.  You get fast Internet services from this modem with a phone jack without lagging, no browsing wait.

Small businesses can get this modem with a phone jack and they will surely get great Internet services helpful in growing their business.

netgear nighthawk c7100v review

What Do We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Great speed
  • Easy to install
  • After sales services
  • Long lasting
  • Cost effective
  • User interface is provided in the router

Why You Should Avoid

  • Rebooting takes a lot of time


Best Modem For Home Internet

Buyer Remarks:

The buyers’ review for this arris surfboard SBV2402 modem with phone jack is overall positive.  Users have praised the high speed that’s provided by this modem and it allows them to work efficiently as large files are quick to download.  Rest some chipset fault issues are also reported. That, unfortunately, disconnects the Internet frequently. 


The performance aspect of this arris surfboard SBV2402 modem with phone jack is very strong. You get high-speed Internet.  The speed reach is up to 800 Mbps.  You can easily download and upload huge files in a matter of seconds. It provides a stable speed on every device it connects to. Your streaming, gaming, and working reach a new level of flawlessness. No interruptions whatsoever. No lagging or buffering issues make this modem one of the best in business.

Its DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with 24 downstream and 8 upstream channels is the best for Xfinity cable Internet.  Now you can enjoy the vast variety provided in this one device.

1 gigabit Ethernet port for connection to the WiFi router is the secret to overall high speed. 2 telephone ports allow you to call anywhere and everywhere on the Internet router, not the landline, which is very cost-saving. You will not suffer any hiccups or slowdowns.


It’s one of the most in-budget modems with a phone jack.  It frees you from monthly payments and other fees that Internet companies incur for their services. It also saves landline calling costs as well. You have to call your far-away friends and family and you can do it via your fast Internet, which saves major landline calling costs much more than usual call rates.


With Tower design, this arris surfboard SBV2402 modem with phone jack is an eye-catching and space-saving option. It adjusts in small spaces and it has proper air pockets that keep this device cool. It’s a great looking sleek option for your home or office.


This arris surfboard SBV2402 modem with a phone jack speed of 800 Mbps is very fast. You get seamless Internet at such a low cost. No more waiting to download and upload work files. It gets done in the blink of an eye.

It’s a great option for smart homes and medium workplaces. Its cist effectiveness makes it likable to many consumers.

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What Do We Like

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install
  • Great speed
  • 24×8 channel bonding
  • 2 telephone jacks

Why You Should Avoid

  • The restart takes some time
  • Chipset faults


Best Modem Router Combo

Important Features:

  • Built-In high-speed router
  • 3-in-1 cable modem
  • Wireless power boost option

Buyer Remarks:

Whoever bought it loved its speed and lesser cost than Comcast.  Gamers and SMEs gave it a high rating making it one of the high-selling modems with a phone jack.


This MT7711 modem with phone jack is a highly impressive and strong router that provides unbeatable speed and quality. This modem with phone jack includes a 24×8 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem that is state of the art. You get an AC1900 router and XFINITY-supported voice ports. You no longer have to worry about landline expenses as you can make all the calls via the Internet, which is a very cost-saving technique.

This modem with phone jack uses Comcast XFINITY Internet service and will work with that only and with XFINITY X1. This modem with a phone jack will not be compatible with any other Internet service provider.

You get 4 10/100/1000 gigabit Ethernet LAN Port that provides a wired connection to Windows and Mac computers.  It can be used for other Ethernet-capable devices. Broadcom cable modem chipset is provided for security from any attacks that deny you Internet service.

With 24 downstream and 8 upstream channels gives you a complete roundup entertainment that gives you the most out of this modem with a phone jack. You get the wireless power boost that gives better speed and range.

This doesn’t include a backup battery option that offers 8 hours of calling standby in case of power loss.


400 Mbps is a high speed that makes your work flawless. You don’t have to wait for browsing at all. Your desired processes will complete in a matter of seconds.  Gamers love this modem with a phone jack because it allows them to play all games requiring fast speed and accuracy.


This modem with a phone jack has a very attractive tower-style design. A base to keep it sturdy and durable. Its black and grey combination makes it eye-catching and perfectly goes with every home theme.  Its ventilation Is perfect and this effect keeps it from heating up.

Cost Effectiveness:

It’s a great cost-effective option in the market for modems. It saves you monthly rentals. Overall $156 is being saved on a yearly basis which makes an attractive feature for buyers. You make a one-time investment and it frees you from huge monthly payments. This modem with phone jack is very durable and goes on year after year, giving you great Internet services. You make all your phone calls via the Internet and save all the huge landline calls cost. It’s an additional plus for buyers.

This modem with a phone jack is ideal for gamers who like to enjoy flawless speed and accuracy. It’s great for medium-sized households. Its speed is complimenting for a lot of uses.

What Do We Like

  • Very much affordable
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight
  • Great design
  • XFINITY supported voice assistance
  • Good to connect up to 16 users

Why You Should Avoid

  • No backup battery Included


Best Choice For Gaming

Important Features:

  • 32 upstream and 8 downstream channels
  • Xfinity Internet services certified

Buyer Remarks:

Buyers find this arris surfboard T25 modem with a phone jack to be the most advanced system in the market today. New features impress users a potential but still need some work to master.


This arris surfboard T25 modem with phone jack is one of the advanced modems available in the market with a DOCSIS 3.1cable modem.  You will get a wide range of 8 upstream and 32 downstream channel options.  You also get DOCSIS 3.1 channel with 2 upstream and 2 downstream channels.  This is one of the most unique features of this arris surfboard T25 modem with a phone jack. 

It works only with Xfinity Internet and voice service provider.  You can not use it with other cable Internet service providers.

You can set up this Internet modem and connection very easily.  Just plug in the electric socket and follow the simple instructions, and it will be connected. You will not get any built-in WiFi router with this modem and you have to buy it separately but it is worth the investment because of the high-class speed this arris surfboard T25 modem with phone jack provides.


Xfinity is the fastest Internet provider in this modem; you get speed upto1 Gbps that assures you the quickest downloading and uploading of your huge work files. Gamers don’t have to wait for any buffering or lagging of streaming of their heavy-duty games m. It all works like magic


You get to make this one-time investment that’s going to be fruitful in upcoming years and you will never regret opting for this modem with a phone jack.  You can make all your important business and personal calls via Internet services, saving you all the landline calling costs.

This arris surfboard T25 modem with phone jack is recommended for businesses with high-speed Internet requirements. Programmers and gaming tycoons use this modem for the best Internet speed and no holdups.

What Do We Like

  • Easy to install
  • High speed up to 1 Gbps
  • 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels bonding With DOCSIS 3.0
  • 2 downstream and 2 upstream channels with OFDM DOCSIS 3.1

Why You Should Avoid

  • Doesn’t include WiFi router


To understand the need for to best modem with a phone jack, you must know what a modem is?

A modem is a simple device that converts analog signals to digital ones and vice e versa. A modem connects your personal computer with the telephone line. A computer works on a binary number of 0, 1, and the telephone uses analog technology.  So when a modem is connected to both ends, both the systems become compatible and can understand each other’s language.

Personal computer binary digits will be converted into analog signals by modem to make them understandable and transmit able through the telephone wires to the destination far away from here. Vice versa happens and analog signals are converted into digital signals by modem and then can be received on Personal computer.

It is a more speedy way to connect with the world. Do not keep yourself under the limits by using other Internet connection that doesn’t provide speed or access to every part of the world. This is a very quick and accurate way to use the Internet through a modem with a phone jack.

How modem does its magic?

With the modem’s help, the modulation process changes the digital data into analog and lets it flow on the analog channel. The analog signals are modulated by carrier frequency that can travel through telephone wire with the help of a modem. The speed here is calculated in a bit rate of bit per sec (BPS).

The process of modulation is calculated in bauds.  It’s the number that counts how many changes the signal can withstand. When the transmission speed you need exceeds 56 Kbit per second, then special modems like ADSL are incorporated that have the capability to carry multiple carrier frequencies. 


Finding the right modem with a phone jack is one crucial task that needs the knowledge of the important aspects that need to be considered before choosing one that fulfills your requirements.

Choosing the wrong one will be a waste of money and time and also your work will be disturbed by the unavailability of the Internet.

Following are the important aspects you need to consider before choosing the modem with a phone jack. 

  • Compatibility

Compatibility between the modem and the Internet provider is very important.  If the Internet providers do not support the modem you are buying; then you will not be able to enjoy flawless Internet as it will have bumps frequently and vice versa. If the modem is made for one particular Internet service provider, it will not be compatible with other Internet service providers.

Your modem and Internet provider should be in one sync in order to have optimum speed and the best connectivity.  VoIP modem needs more caution as some Internet-providing services support Internet calls.

  • Bonding Of Channels

Channel bonding is one of the crucial factors. If a modem has more channels bonded with it, its transmission speed increases exponentially.  If you want to improve transmission capacity, buy a modem with more channel bonding. This will assure a smooth Internet connection and you can work effortlessly.

  • Installation

Installation is one feature that is a common aspect of every modem with a phone jack.  Suppose you can easily install the modem and start connecting the devices without a complex installation process. In that case, users will like that modem more than the one in which installation takes more time and you have to wait to get the password keys from the manufacturer. 

Just plug in the modem with a phone jack In the electric socket and install its software; in an ideal situation, it should be ready to use.

  • Internet Packages

Internet package is one of the most crucial parts of finding the right fit for the modem. If you have the modem with phone jack compatibility with certain Internet providing services but their Internet packages are not enough for your requirements, it will fall short. Sometimes Internet packages are so expensive that using flawless streaming Internet is very off-budget on your pocket and is unaffordable. 

Finding the ISP that provides high-speed Internet with compatibility to your modem with a phone jack and Affordable Internet packages is the best combination. 

  • Modem Cost

Modem with phone jack purchase is a one-time investment that frees you from monthly payments and subscription fees that Internet companies impose on the consumer. Still, if this one-time investment is out of your budget in the 1st place, then you can’t purchase it anyway.

The cost of the modem with the phone jack should be reasonable so that everyone can afford it without breaking their pocket. And can enjoy high-speed Internet.

  • Quality and Longevity

A modem is a one-time investment so you expect it to last longer and work for years to come. A modem with phone jack Material should be lightweight but very strong. It should have proper ventilation that will help in keeping it cool and increase its usable life.


The above article gives you a detailed analysis and review of the best modem with a phone jack. In our opinion, NETGEAR CM500V is one of the most promising modems with phone jacks in it. It provides High-speed Internet, great design, long-lasting quality, and high-class performance.

It’s also in the medium cost limits with all the right and advanced features.

You should 1st determine the modem and Internet needs that you have as a gamer or programmer. Then decide which modem with a phone jack suits you the best.