How to Fix PS4 HDMI Port - Playstation 4 HDMI Port

How to Fix PS4 HDMI Port – Playstation 4 HDMI Port

Imagine you came home from a tiring day at the job or are planning to enjoy your weekend with your favorite games on your PS4, but there is no display as soon you have turned ON your PS4. There can be multiple reasons for this, but what if the HDMI port of the PS4 console is broken? It can be frustrating, and you question how to fix PS4 HDMI port. This article will completely describe how to repair your broken HDMI port and its causes, so keep on reading.

 What is the HDMI port used for?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interference. It transfers high-definition video signals faster and more efficiently than normal audio or VGA cables. Modern-day devices have replaced VGA cables with HDMI for better resolution.

What kind of damage is possible to the HDMI port?

When using HDMI ports, there can be various possible damages. These can be:

  • The pins inside the port will be crooked or damaged.
  • The port is pressed inside the console too much, and the pins are.
  • The port is bent or an irregular shape.

How to Recognize HDMI Not Working on PS4? | PS4 Faulty HDMI Port Symptoms

There can be some visual problems or systems that may induce that your HDMI port is not working. Some of these are:

  • The screen turns black or shows no signal.
  • The display is distorted or pixelated.
  • The screen display abrupts suddenly.
  • There is no input displaying even if the HDMI cable is plugged in.

What causes the PS4’s HDMI port to break?

The Sony PS4 console has a factory issue that the users report as its weak HDMI port that breaks over time. It is due to many reasons as:

  • The most observed case is the physical damage to the port by the sudden pulling of the cord.
  • You plug and unplug the cable too much.
  • It becomes damaged if the pin is pressed too much while plugging in the port.
  • Dirt or debris.
  • Rust can also put damage the HDMI port.
  • Oftenly Pushing the cable at an angle too hard.

How to fix PS4 HDMI not working issue?

You can fix the HDMI port issue if you are a DIY person. You only need a replacement HDMI port to repair the PS4 HDMI port socket. You will need a set of tools to fix the HDMI port on your PS4. These are:

  • A soldering gun.
  • Soldering wire.
  • Heat gun.
  • Desoldering paste.
  • Screw Driver.

How to replace the HDMI port on the ps4 pro?

Follow the guide below for a smoother process.

Remove the PS4 case.

To install a new PlayStation port, you must remove the faulty HDMI port on the PS4. So, first of all, remove the outer case of your PlayStation, unscrew all the screws remove the top cover. Keep the screws aside in a safe place.

Remove the Board cover.

A metal plate guards the motherboard of the PlayStation at the top below the case. Untighten the screws with a screwdriver to remove the plate. Also, lose the five screws that hold the power supply in one place. After that, remove the hard drive through the slideway.

Removing the motherboard

After removing the board plates, now is the time to move the motherboard from the remaining case. So that you can perform your task easily, unplug the small connector pin first. Then lift the board from the right side so that the pins on the left side are not bent while removing the board. In this way, you can save your game console board from damage.

Desoldering the HDMI port

Apply the desoldering paste on the port’s connection with the board. It will assist the desoldering process. Use the soldering gun or soldering pump to remove as much as possible solder from the port. Now is the time to desolder large pins. But the major task is remaining to turn the board upside down. Now use the heat gun to desolder the small pins on the connector. Don’t use too much heat. Continuously keep moving the heat gun from one direction to another.

Removing the port

After removing the desoldering, the port will be loosened. Use the tweezers gently and remove the damaged HDMI port from the board. Don’tDon’t use your hands to do so because the port is heated due to continuous heat applied by the heat gun. Use the cotton buds or a clean cloth to remove the desoldering paste from the board, especially from the solder pads, for a good next connection.

Soldering the new HDMI port to fix the issue

Now is the time to install a new HDMI port on the PlayStation. Place the large pins first fitting in the board, then solder them with great care. After that, solder the small pins with great care because a slight imperfection would result in a problem with the HDMI again.


Now follow the steps in reverse to reassemble the whole ps4 in shape again. Make sure that you have inserted the hard drive as before.

Testing the PS

Connect the HDMI cable with your console with the display device. Turn the power button on and run your Play station safely to troubleshoot any problem. Use your controller to navigate through the menu. If there is no other problem, you can enjoy your favorite games like before.

Is it worth fixing the broken HDMI port?

If your HDMI input socket is damaged and you don’tdon’t want to spend a lot and want it to be repaired at home, then definitely it’s worth it because the HDMI port replacement from the repair shop will cost you a lot. But it’s always worth it if you have the repair skills.

An alternate way to have a display with a faulty HDMI port on Playstation 4 | PS remote play application

You can also play games on your computer display or smart tv display without repairing the HDMI port on your play station. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to this link on your browser.
  • Download and install the application with additional files.
  • Turn ON your PlayStation.
  • Now open the PS remote play app n your computer or smart TV.
  • Click sign into PSN.
  • Enter your Playstation account credentials as logged in with your PlayStation. Click confirm and continue to proceed further.
  • Now connect your dual shock controller with USB to your device. Now tap on the PS4 icon on your device to connect your device wirelessly to the Playstation.
  • The system will detect and configure with your PlayStation.
  • After the connection, you are good to go and enjoy your games.

( Note: Some games won’t run using this feature due to developer restrictions.)


We hope this article has greatly helped you fix your HDMI port problem. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.


How to fix an open HDMI port on ps4?

You can fix this issue by replacing the open port with a new port. You can do it yourself or can use a professional repair service to do it for you.

How to protect your HDMI port on PS4?

There are a couple of ways by which you can protect your HDMI port. These are:

  • Always use the correct HDMI cable
  • Don’t plug and unplug the HDMI cable recently without the purpose
  • Don’tDon’t put too much stress or pressure while inserting the HDMI cable inside the port.

How much does it cost to repair my HDMI port?

It may cost upto 90-120 dollars from professional service.

How to fix HDMI port on ps4 slim

It’s the same process as described above. Just follow the necessary safety measures to keep internal components in shape.

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