Are you one of those gamers who likes to take your gaming on the go? Maybe you’re traveling for the holidays and don’t want to miss out on your favorite Xbox One games. Or maybe you just want to play your games in a different room of the house. Whatever your reason, I’m here to teach you how to play your Xbox One on your laptop with HDMI.

Before we look at the process, below are the detail of things that are vital to connect your Xbox to your Laptop:


HDMI stands for “High-Definition Multimedia Interface” it is used to connect high-definition video devices to your television, PCs, Laptops, and other devices. Mostly you will find HDMI in smart TVs and home theater systems. The HDMI cable is handy and allows you to connect two devices with each other, and you can also share HD content between the devices.


It needs no introduction. Laptops are portable computers that you can use on the go. Specs and performance-wise they are a bit less than the desktop computers. However, nowadays, there are some premium devices that compete well with desktop machines.

HDMI port in the laptop

Abbreviation for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI on your laptop transmits HD audio and visual data using a simple cord. HDMI port is polygonally-shaped and you will also see it in your other devices such as TV, gaming consoles, and cable boxes.

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Method 1: How To Connect Xbox One To Laptop With HDMI

Connecting Xbox One to a laptop is not that difficult, especially when you are an experienced DIYer. To make a successful follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Before doing anything, ensure your laptop has a working HDMI port.
  • Next, you need to ensure that all running games and programs on your Xbox one are off.
  • Similarly, also make sure that your HDMI cable is working.
  • Now connect one end of the HDMI cable into the Xbox’s HDMI port located at the back of your Xbox.
  • Connect the other end of the cable with your laptop. If your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port, there is no need to worry, as you can use an HDMI adapter to make it safe and secure.
  • Once both these devices are connected, switch on the Xbox.
  • Now you need to wait for a couple of minutes, and then you will see a notification stating that both devices are detected and connected.
  • However, if you don’t get any notification, then navigate to your laptop’s main menu and look for the system settings option under “display settings.” From here, you can make the adjustments by yourself.

That’s it. You have successfully connected your Xbox One to your Laptop using an HDMI, and you can enjoy Xbox games on your laptop.

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Method 2: How To Connect Your Laptop with Xbox One Through app wirelessly

Things You’ll Need:

  • Wireless or active ethernet connection
  • Desktop PC or laptop with running Windows 10
  • Xbox One

As some laptops don’t have the appropriate HDMI input port, this method might be a bit trickier for some users. But if you follow the below-mentioned steps, you can connect and use your Xbox One on your laptop’s screen without any issue. You will need Windows 10, your desktop PC, and a Wi-Fi connection in this wireless method.

Step 1:

First, you will have to download the Xbox App on your PC or laptop.

Download Xbox App From Microsoft Store

Step 2:

After downloading the app, sign in to your Xbox account.

Sign Up On Xbox App

Step 3:

Open Xbox Console Companion & Then click on the “Connection” button located just over the “Settings” icon displayed on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

Play Xbox on Laptop Screen Wirelessly

Step 4:

Then click on the “XboxOne” device to link your console via your PC or laptop. If your device is not listed there, you can go ahead and enter your Xbox IP address and perform the first step.

Step 5:

Then click on the “Stream” button located beside the “Test streaming” and “More” icons.


Step 6:

Click on the “Continue” button to attach your controller to your laptop or PC.

At this stage, you can use your monitor or laptop screen as a primary monitor to record and play your Xbox games just like you would on a television. This wireless method to connect your Xbox one with your Xbox app will also work on all PCs that have running Windows 10.

How to troubleshoot HDMI connection problems?

The Xbox One system, an immensely popular gaming console with millions of active users, relies on an HDMI connection to work properly. For the most part, Xbox and HDMI connectivity work well, but sometimes you might face connectivity problems that are highly frustrating. If your Xbox One HDMI connection is not running correctly, use these remedies to resolve the issues:

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Check cable and connection– ensure that your HDMI cable is connected to both sides as it should be. If it is loose or doesn’t fit correctly, then you will have to replace the HDMI cables.

Turn on components differently– For example, if you have switched on the TV first and your other devices after opening the TV, reverse the order and turn on your TV after other devices.

Change HDMI input: to resolve the issue, you can also change to the other input and then switch back to the HDMI to see whether the issue is resolved or not.

Keep things updated– Ensure that your devices are up-to-date. If you see any available updates, install them and then check the device’s connection.

Eliminate the devices– remove other connected devices and connect your HDMI directly to your laptop or TV. If you see improvement, it means those devices are causing the problems.

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Common Questions Asked by Xbox Users

What is the Purpose Of Mini-HDMI port on the Xbox-one controller?
Mini HDMI, or a Type-C, is a smaller variant of the digital interface. The connector is much smaller than the standard HDMI, and it measures around 10.42 x 2.42 mm. While it has 19 pins, the arrangement is different from the standard ones. As for the Mini-HDMI port on the Xbox One controller, it’s just an expansion that you can use chat adapters or chat pad adapters.