Are you the BEST DSL MODEM FOR CENTURY LINK customer who is looking for the best modem to use with your service? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we will recommend the best DSL modem for Century Link customers. We’ll also provide some tips on how to select a modem that is compatible with your service. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. NETGEAR Cable Modem CM500

Best Budget Pick

Key Features:

  • Save monthly rental fees: Model CM500 replaces your cable modem, saving you up to $168/yr in equipment rental fees.
  • Speeds by carrier: Spectrum (up to 400Mbps), Xfinity (up to 200Mbps), Cox (up to 150Mbps).
  • Works with any wifi router: Connect any WiFi router to this modem’s Ethernet port to support all your wireless devices.
  • Ethernet connections: 1 Gigabit Ethernet port connects to your computer or separate WiFi router.
  • Made with 16×4 channel bonding and comes with DOCSIS 3.0.

This Netgear DSL Modem is great for those who want to save money on their monthly Internet bill. The process of activating it couldn’t be easier, and once you’ve set up the device with your coaxial cable connection, everything will work like magic.

Apart from it, these modems offer high internet speeds, and if you have a popular internet service provider, then you will see the speed up to 400 Mbps. However, the speed varies from ISP to ISP, and you will see the difference in speed.

Furthermore, the modem is compatible with all popular ISPs, and you won’t face any compatibility issues with this one. Another thing that we liked in this modem is 16×4 channel bonding and DOCSIS 3.0 which deliver smooth and secure performance. While you can easily connect it with your router or laptop via the Ethernet port.

Pro Tip: Get this Net gear CM500, use CAT 6 Ethernet cable or CAT 5 for short distances) and then Factory Reset your connection, and you will get maximum speed.

However, you need to remember that this Netgear CM500 is JUST a DSL cable modem; it is not a router. So if you are using a single device, you will be fine, but if you intend to use multiple devices and wireless connections, we recommend you get a router too.

Like all the other modems we tested, the Netgear CM500 comes with a built-in Ethernet cable and installation instructions. However, we missed a power button and a wrench, but still, the device works without these add-ons.

Lastly, always place this device in an easily accessible area as it comes in handy when you need to switch it off. We also like the front-facing lights for power, upstream and downstream data, connectivity, and LAN.

What Do We Recommend?

If you want to purchase your personal modem to save money on rental expenses from your ISP, the Netgear CM500 offers an excellent value along with high speeds of up to 300 Mbps. It is much more affordable than many other modems on the market, but its overall performance is up to the mark, and you will also get a one-year warranty from Netgear BEST DSL MODEM FOR CENTURY LINK.

What Do We Like

  • The modem is simple to use and install.
  • The signal strength and range are good.
  • Netgear offers technical support.

Why You Should Avoid

  • Some overheating complaints.

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

Best For Home Use

Key Features:

  • It covers up to 1,800 sq. ft., and you can connect up to 30 devices with a high speed of up to 1900Mbps.
  • Allows you to connect computers, game consoles, streaming players, and much more.
  • Features 4 x 1G Ethernet ports.
  • Set up is simple, and you can also use the Nighthawk App.
  • Made with 32×8 channel bonding and also features DOCSIS 3.1.

The Netgear C7000 is a high-powered modem that packs all the signature features and performance levels you expect from this well-known brand. It stands out among other powerful devices as it offers excellent value for money with its reliable design and high performance.

With its sleek, elegant design, the C7000 appearance is stylish. But when it comes down to its configurations, the look is just the appetizer. The C7000 comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, a single USB 2.0 port, a coaxial port, and a robust power cable.

If you don’t like tangle with antennas, you will be happy to know that the C7000 antennas are all well-placed inside the unit.

Setting up this modem and Wi-Fi combo is easy, but you will have to perform some additional steps compared to other modems and routers. First, you need to set up the coax cable, then turn the device on and connect it with your laptop or desktop computer via Ethernet.

You can easily set up this device even if you are a beginner as it comes with detailed and simple-to-follow instructions.

As for the device’s security, the C7000 features an advanced security system along with WPA, WPA2, and PSK access. Besides, the router also features double firewall protection and DoS attack preventive software.

As this is a dual-band Wi-Fi router, you will get stable speed in every corner of your house. We tested this device in a 2,500-square-foot house, and we witnessed a reliable performance in every part.

On the other hand, the wired performance was stable as well, and we managed to get a consistent speed of 310 Mbps in most places.

Lastly, this C7000 modem Wi-Fi router combo also features Beamforming+ to significantly boost the Wi-Fi’s signal range.

Why Do We Recommend?

This high-end modem is a must-have for any modern home. Though it may seem expensive at first, the Netgear Nighthawk C7000 will quickly pay off and give you excellent performance in return. With its sleek design that fits right into your decor, this product has everything needed to make an impactful addition.

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

Best Durable Pick

Key Features:

  • Compatible with DSL internet service providers only like CenturyLink and Frontier (non-bonded VDSL).
  • It does not work with Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, or other bonded VDSL.
  • Delivers high speed of up to 1.9Gbps.
  • Built-in DSL modem works well VDSL, VDSL2, ADSL, ADSL2, & ADSL2+ devices.
  • Features Beamforming+ for a reliable connection.
  • It comes with high-powered amplifiers and antennas to give maximum Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Features two USB 3.0 ports.

The Nighthawk D7000 VDSL/ADSL modem router comes next on our list of the best DSL modems that work with Century Link. The device looks elegant and compatible with the latest VDSL2 and ASDL2 plus. Apart from it, the device features 802.11ac dual-band WiFi and delivers high speeds up to 1.9Gbps.

Despite these benefits, you need to know that this modem is compatible with DSL internet service providers such as Century Link, Frontier, and other non-bonded VDSL. Moreover, the device comes with an Auto-detection wizard that delivers rapid internet speed and allows you to browse the web faster.

While testing the device, we were able to get high-speed internet of up to 1.9 GBPS along with excellent coverage and signal strength, thanks to the high-powered amplifiers and external antennas. Besides, the beamforming technology also strengthens the signal strength and makes it suitable for long distances.

While testing the devices, we observed that this little communications modem boosts 802.11n performance and offers Turbo QAM mode and high bandwidth of 2.4GHz from 450Mb/s to 600Mb/s.

While using it with the 5GHz channel, we observed a high speed of around 1900Mb/s under 802.11ac. In simple words, the device is ideal for streaming high-definition content and playing games online. Lastly, this NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router comes with dual USB ports, and the setup is simple and a matter of a few minutes.

Why Do We Recommend?

While testing, the Netgear D7000 offered a very reliable connection, and it comes with a variety of features that you can use to control and smoothly access your home network. Due to its robust features, the device is worthy of your consideration and a permanent solution for your networking needs.

What Do We Like

  • The modem is simple to install and use.
  • Elegant design.
  • The WI-FI signal strength is wide and strong.

Why You Should Avoid

  • Customer service needs improvement.
  • A bit expensive.

4. Motorola AC2600

Best For Heavy Usage

Key Features:

  • The Motorola AC2600 smart Gigabit router offers high speeds and long range.
  • The device is suitable to use with your HDTVs, smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, tablets, and more via Ethernet cable.
  • It comes with four external and adjustable antennas that provide exceptional performance.
  • It comes equipped with advanced 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology to speed up your network’s speed.
  • Features latest Beamforming that allows you to use multiple devices at a time with blazing-fast Wi-Fi speeds and range.
  • The router also features a USB 3.0 port with DLNA sharing support, a robust Dual Core processor, QoS (Quality of Service) support, an advanced firewall, IPv4 and IPv6 security protocols, and user-friendly parental controls, and much more.
  • Back by a 2-year warranty from Motorola.

If you want the best router in town but don’t have a lot of money to spend on it or need something quick and easy for your home network- then look no further than this Motorola MR2600 AC2600 Wi-Fi device. Motorola claims this router as an “Extended Range Model,” and this bold statement does make sense because its speeds are up to the mark, and performance-wise this compact device competes well with other premium Wi-Fi routers.

The look and design of this Motorola MR2600 are quite impressive as well. The device does not look like cheap plastic stuff, nor it is too glossy. Besides, it comes with one USB 3.0 port that you can use for NAS (Network-attached-Storage) devices. The device’s bottom has a dedicated space for ventilation and airflow.

Furthermore, this smart Gigabit router by Motorola is expertly designed to deliver high-speed internet along with an extended range and coverage. However, it does not come with a built-in cable modem. You can use this dual-band Wi-Fi router with almost all of your devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and gaming console stations.

Apart from it, the device comes with four external antennas that you can adjust according to your preferences. This device also supports content streaming from popular platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube. Besides, it is equipped with the latest MU-MIMO technology that improves the network’s speed, and you can use multiple devices at the same time.

Moreover, the beamforming feature ensures the blazing-fast Wi-Fi remains available over a more comprehensive range. The inclusion of simple parental controls is handy, and overall, this device works well with Century Link and other ISPs.

Why Do We Recommend?

The performance of this Wi-Fi smart gigabit router should be good enough for most casual users, but it’s also ideal for heavy and intense uses. Compared to the other premium routers, this Motorola Smart Gigabit router performed much better during testing. Besides, you will be glad to know that this sleek router also comes with a low-powered dual-core processor, which is a plus.

What Do We Like

  • The modem is simple to set up and use.
  • Comes equipped with the latest MU MIMO technology.
  • Durable construction.
  • The signal strength is incredible.
  • Excellent customer support.

Why You Should Avoid

  • The modem gets too hot sometimes.


Best For Century Link

Key Features:

  • Compatibility is not an issue with this dual-band Wireless router. The device works well with next-generation Wi-Fi devices.
  • With max speeds of up to 867Mbps on the 5GHz wireless band and 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, it ensures HD streaming without any glitches.
  • Features advanced security features along with WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK encryption
  • Features a 1-year and 30-day money-back guarantee.

The WAVLINK router comes equipped with advanced Touchlink technology and allows you to connect multiple devices at a time. The router also features a user-friendly guest mode and enables your guest to access the network without using a password.

Even if you are using multiple devices, you will not feel glitches in its speed. The router allows you to use multiple devices at high speed. To be precise, you will get up to 867 Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band and 300Mbps on its 2.4GHz frequency band. This router automatically finds and assigns the best channel available for your device.

Plus, it comes with four omnidirectional antennas and an advanced beamforming technology that provide solid signal strength for long distances. You can use this sleek and compact router in your home, offices, and other commercial places. Setting up the device is also effortless; just press the small turbo button and follow the included instructions.

Lastly, while testing the device, we observed that the router’s Gigabit Ethernet ports work 10X faster than the others and allow your wired devices to work at their best.

Key Features:

This is one of the best DSL modems/routers that is compatible with Century Link and other popular services. WAVLINK Wi-Fi Router has extensive coverage, and you won’t feel any issues while connecting multiple devices. We constantly connected up to 6 devices on the internet, watched YouTube videos scrolling Facebook, and witnessed full bars without any glitching.

What Do We Like

  • The router features a user-friendly interface.
  • It is effortless to use and install.
  • The signal strength is impressive and stable even when you use multiple devices.
  • The brand offers technical assistance.

Why You Should Avoid

  • The device’s body looks flimsy.

6. Actiontec GT701D

Best Modem With Advance Features

Key Features:

  • The Actiontec Ethernet DSL modem features excellent routing capabilities and an energy-efficient design.
  • It comes equipped with advanced features and 1-Port DSL Modem
  • Port-forwarding and website blocking features are included
  • Features multiple security levels.

This Actiontec Ethernet DSL Modem and router is another great device that’s compatible with Century Link and other popular ISPs. It features an energy-saving design and comes equipped with port forwarding and site blocking features. Besides, these DSL Modems feature advanced security levels to guard your connection and network from various threats. This router makes downloading or uploading large media files simple and quick.

Setting up the device is also simple, and it supports all major DSL service providers. Another good thing about this Ethernet DSL model is that it consumes 30% less power compared to other modems and routers. You will get additional Ethernet ports with this modem and router combo that you can use to connect multiple devices.

Furthermore, this is an ADSL2/2+ modem and router and a permanent solution for your networking needs. Besides, the device looks elegant, and we tested it rigorously to find out it delivered an amazing performance. It adheres to all popular DSL standards, allowing for a quick and painless connection. Not only this, but you will also find an exclusive Auto-Connect tool, which lets you set up your DSL connection rapidly and hassle-free.BEST DSL MODEM FOR CENTURY LINK

You can also access your network’s Web activity log with this modem. You will love to know that it also supports unnumbered with VIP mode. Lastly, It can be an ideal addition to any home. It also comes with a port forwarding feature that can save you some money on your monthly expenses.

Why Do We Recommend?

The energy-efficient GT701D DSL Modem combines a full-rate broadband modem and router – packaged in an innovative design with a minimal footprint. With this green device, you can save on your electricity bill while protecting the environment. The best part about this router is that it supports full ADSL2/2 speeds, so you can still get your performance without sacrificing the environment.

What Do We Like

  • The router is simple to configure.
  • High downloading and uploading speeds.
  • Signal strength and range are strong.
  • Features elegant looks with innovative security features

Why You Should Avoid

  • It is not iPV6 ready.

7. NETGEAR High-Speed DM200

Best Modem With Advance Features

Key Features:

  • Compatible with popular DSL internet service providers such as CenturyLink and Frontier.
  • The pack includes a detailed User Manual & the User Guide to make installation a breeze.
  • Features built-in VDSL and works well with ADSL connections.
  • The device is also compatible with VDSL, VDSL2, ADSL, ADSL2, & ADSL2+.
  • Comes with a power adapter.

The NETGEAR Broadband High-Speed DSL Modem provides a simple and cost-effective connection to high-speed VDSL/ADSL Internet. It works with some popular providers like AT&T, Verizon, or CenturyLink, helping you get online in no time.

You can connect the modem to your phone line and set up a router. It offers high-speed internet in several areas, with software updates available regularly that further improve its features and security over time. Besides, the router automatically scans for available networks and connects your device to the best available channel. The device is also well-made, and we didn’t notice any overheating complaints. Plus, it operates on 12 Volts; hence it will not consume more power and energy.

The device is not only high-performing, but it is cost-effective as well. If you rent a modem from Centurylink or any other service provider, this will be more affordable than those, and it will pay for itself in 3 months.

As for features, the NETGEAR DM200 features a built-in VDSL that also makes it suitable for almost all ADSL connections. That also means you can use it with VDSL, VDSL2, ADSL, ADSL2, and ADSL2 plus. Keep in mind this is a router and modem combo; hence you will get all the functionalities you need to run a smooth network at your home and office.

Lastly, the device also features an advanced Firewall, DHC, Port forwarding, etc. you can comfortably use it with any router in your network.

Why Do We Recommend?

This modem will not disappoint you as it comes with every necessary feature that you need for a smooth connection with CenturyLink Network, including a VLAN for the DSL connection. It can also work in a modem mode, making it more versatile than the others. Overall a good-looking and compact device that works and performs well in all areas.

What Do We Like

  • Free technical support by the company.
  • Comes from a reputable brand.
  • Suitable for residential and commercial uses.

Why You Should Avoid

  • Some users find it too expensive.

8. ZyXEL C3000Z Modem

Best Pick For Century Link

Key Features:

  • CenturyLink ZyXEL features dual Wi-Fi bands to deliver amazing processing speed 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi- Router
  • Comes with UMEC AC Adapter
  • Max Wi-Fi speed is up to 450 Mbps & Wired Download Speed is up to 1 Gbps.
  • Dual-Band Wireless router with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi standards.
  • WPS Enabled devices that support 4 Separate SSIDs
  • Features one USB Host Port and 1 DSL Port

If you are looking for Centurylink compatible modems that you can use and install without any glitches, this ZyXEL C3000Z Modem CenturyLink modem is the best choice for you. This modem for Century Link has everything you need for a powerful and fast speed. The device is expertly designed and offers high speed with extensive internet coverage. Plus, this is the most affordable modem on this list. The router is for everyone, but in our opinion, it works flawlessly with Century Link and other similar DSL service providers.

Apart from its high performance and advanced features, this is your pick if durability is your major concern. Besides, Wi-Fi is much better than the others, and it also features a USB port that you can use for various purposes. You will be glad to know that the brand’s customer service team is always there for you if you need them.

As for the features, remember this ZyXEL C3000Z is a combination of modem and router. While testing the device, we set it up in the middle of our concrete block ranch-style office. Signal strength was exceptional, and we were able to use the internet at every corner of our office, including the basement. You might not know that this C3000Z features a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet WAN Port. Whereas CPE works seamlessly via DSL mode, and you can also use it as a 5th Gigabit LAN Port.

In addition, creating several Wi-Fi networks with four SSIDs, helps operators to create dedicated WLAN networks for video streaming and guests.

Overall, this modem router combo is ideal, especially if you are using a high-speed DSL service; if that’s the case, we highly recommend that you should consider this modem router combo.

Why Do We Recommend?

If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality modem that will take your home internet service up to the next level, then look no further than ZyXEL C3000Z. This sleek and stylish device has been designed with one goal in mind: To provide efficient performance so all of those streaming addicts can enjoy their favourite TV shows without any buffering or interruption.

What Do We Like

  • The device comes with the latest security features.
  • The strength and coverage are exceptional.
  • Comes at an affordable price.

Why You Should Avoid

  • Not ideal for intense uses.

8. Netis DL4323 300Mbps

Best Modem With Security Features

Key Features:

  • This sleek device includes the functions of a high-speed ADSL2+ modem, 4-port wireless router, and wireless N access point. Thus you can use multiple devices simultaneously.
  • ADSL2/2+ standards ensure high speed with 24Mbps downstream on both wired and wireless networks. Wireless N speed is also high, up to 300Mbps.
  • The device supports ADSL standards and delivers the best speed and coverage.
  • Includes handy features such as Port Mapping, Ethernet WAN, SNMP, IPv6, TR-069, and much more.
  • Ideal router/modem for wireless HD video streaming.

Most of us don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars on the purchase of equipment that might get obsolete in a few years. So how about getting a high-speed DSL modem and router combo for under $100? Sounds interesting, right?

Whether you want to play online games, do your office work, or just want to stream your favourite shows, the Netis DL4323 is an ideal piece of equipment that you can use for all these purposes.

The Netis DL4323 is compact and sleek, you can use it for several purposes. This 3-in-1 combines the functions of an ADSL2+ modem, 4-port NAT router, and wireless N access point. The device is designed to offer you a one-stop and permanent solution to get high-speed Internet access through a wired/wireless network. Besides, the device also supports the latest ADSL standards and delivers the best performance that you will not get from dial-up connections.

Furthermore, the combo also offers some useful and practical functions like Port Mapping, Ethernet WAN, the latest security features, and more. With this DSL modem, you can enjoy heavy bandwidth, and it also supports wireless HD video streaming.

As mentioned above, the device also works as a modem. It efficiently modulates and demodulates signals through the latest ADSL 2/2+ standards. When you use it as a wireless access point, the device delivers around 300Mbps speed and ensures seamless streaming of HD content.

As a router, the Netis operates through a 4-port NAT system. This system enhances the speed and allows it to operate at fast speeds.

Furthermore, you will love its port-mapping function. The primary function of port-mapping ensures that you won’t face any lag in data transmission, and you will get max speed on all connected devices.

Another thing that we liked in this modem router combo is that it features a provision for wired connectivity. Hence, you can also use this Netis router with an Ethernet cable or fiber and directly connect it with your device.

Why Do We Recommend?

Probably, it is one of the best DSL modems/routers on the market. Apart from the features mentioned above, this device has advanced security provisions. It comes with a built-in firewall that guards your personal data and gives you smooth browsing.

What Do We Like

  • Delivers blistering-fast Internet.
  • You can connect it with a wired or wirelessly.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Advanced security options.

Why You Should Avoid

  • Limited ports.

Quick Shopping Guide To Pick The Best DSL Modem

When you are looking for the best DSL modem, it is important that your purchase meets all of our criteria. We want to make sure this will be something good and useful in every way possible! So here they come:


The first thing to consider is how fast your modem needs to be. A slower modem will probably suffice if you’re just using the internet for basic activities like checking email and browsing the web. However, if you plan to do more data-intensive activities like streaming video or gaming, you’ll need one that can handle higher speeds.

If you plan to stream on your smartphone or laptop via your data, we recommend you 150 Kbps to 2.5 Mbps for standard streaming.

However, if you plan to use your DSL modem for high-definition streaming, we recommend a speed of 2.5 to 7.5 Mbps. Keep in mind that DSL internet is quite fast compared to standard dial-up.

Normal Dial-up speeds are around 56 Kbps, while you will get 10 to 20 MBPS even if you have the slowest DSL connection.

The durability of DSL Modem

The internet is a great way to stay connected with family and friends, but if you’re not careful about which device works best for your needs, the investment could quickly turn into an expensive mistake. Hence durability of your DSL modem matters. Generally speaking, a modem or a router will serve you for about 3 to 4years without any issue, but the lifespan also depends on your usage. After this period, you might hear the buzzes or loud humming noises from your modem and lags in the connectivity.

Can Connect To Maximum Devices

Think about how happy your family would be if you had a router with a 2.4GHz band that can hit 300Mbps and has ten devices connected to it at once. The more devices you can connect at a time, the more you will love the device. So, you need to find the one that allows you to use and connect multiple devices at once without any disruption in speed. Remember that connecting and using multiple devices at once can affect the internet speed.


Not being able to use your new modem with your ISP is a major inconvenience. You should make sure that it works with the Internet service provider you have before purchasing one; otherwise, there will be no point in buying it at all.

When finding a compatible router or modem, you need to ensure that it supports all the features that you need for a smooth browsing experience. So, while shopping for a DSL modem or any other modem, always look for a device that works well with your internet connection and supports your ISP.

Security Features

As you know that all connections are prone to cyber threats, and the rate is rapidly growing with time, so you will need a device that assures the best security of your data. Buying a modem with advanced security features such as DOS (Denial of Service) comes in handy in many situations, and all such features further enhance the modem’s security.


Generally speaking, being brand conscious is not the best way, but it is a good thing when shopping for electronic devices and gadgets—no need to spare some space for less popular manufacturers when shopping for electronics, including modems and routers.

In our opinion, always shop with a reputable brand as It will be your wise and safest bet. Reputable companies such as ARRIS, TP-Link, and NetGear have several products that will be enough for your networking needs.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning DSL Modems